Saturday, September 8, 2007


i went through this ziplock as art phase. my computer is about croak, gotta plug in...okay im back. so jeff and i spent our evening with kelli and wayne playing hearts, reading onion headlines outloud, eating yummy brownies and searching etsy. i even posted this entry. we love to partay!!! and how bout a shout out to our friends becki and kevin that couldn't make it to our old folks get together. we missed you guys.
back to the ziplock thing. i did quite a few paintings and drawings of ziplock bags and their many abstract meanings (to me). i even kept a journal. that was back in the days of going to grad school so i can teach. instead i decided to continue working for the man. and with that my ziplock as art obsession died.

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becki said...

Hey!!! Thanks for the shout out!! We missed you, too. Soon.......sooon we shall have our precious game night with you!! :) SOOOOOOON!