Tuesday, February 26, 2008

speaking of dwell studio...

i remember buying a great graphic pillow years ago and that's when i fell in love with dwell home. now i see them everywhere, and for good reasons. check out their decor and bedding here.

fat boy

an dwell studio came together to make these super comfy oversized pillows. check out all 9 models on their site.

vintage books

my husband and i are looking to add on to our house in the next couple of years. of course ive started collecting tons and tons of tears. i was looking for landscaping ideas and ran across these great sites for vintage books. i ordered a few and can't wait to get them in!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

stuart haygarth

if you like collections, check out these photo collages by stuart haygarth.

visual stimulation

Saturday, February 23, 2008


i filled up some glass milk bottles with colorful buttons i got off ebay. and i thought these artifact buttons were really unique.

Friday, February 22, 2008

kim carney has a little something to say

okay so ive been meaning to call out this amazing blog. www.littlesomethings.blogspot.com. i receive little notes from time to time and it always makes me feel good. here are some gorgeous photos of hers. kim also has a great 'little list of links' too. be sure to check them out here.


so there is a great little vintage furniture shop in the area. i can't wait to go check out these two chairs tomorrow. i haven't told my husband he's joining me...yet. check out their website here.

i heart obama

i LOVE these posters by shepard fairy. unfortunately they are impossible to get unless you are willing to pay over $1000 on ebay.
i can't wait to vote march 4!

vintage goodies from The Laundry

i ran across this site looking through an old selvedge's magazine. unfortunately they do not ship to the US unless you call first. i love this homestead biscuit barrel!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

happy birthday

i had a wonderful birthday on tuesday. our good friends, the waynegeyers, brought over hamburgers, fries and a yummy cake. and the best part was the colorful peacock cake plate by kate spade! thank you so much!!! it sure feels great to turn another year older.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

new on sprout home

we need a couple of chairs that can be stored. voila! i saw these while taking a peek on designsponge. they come in green and blue.

chirp chirp

i found these on etsy last night. everyone needs a little cotton bird.

i.love.orla.kiely. check out this yoga bag and shopper. if i lived in a cool pedestrian friendly city i'd be sure to have that shopper.

gypsy and twink

another great etsy find. www.gypsyandtwink.etsy.com

Sunday, February 17, 2008


second quilt goin strong. i still need to embroider a bit more and then finish her up. i was a lot more accurate this time!

available in

a plethora of colors!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


well, we finally made another print. so much to juggle in our free time. i haven't posted these on etsy yet because i need to focus on finishing my quilt tonight. these cute flowers are available on a rainbow of colors...more later dot dot dot

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

box o fun

a special order for my super friend becki!

foggy day in our neighborhood


i thought this was a cool photo of my silhouette. jeff made me stand there one sunday morning and he knows i hate my profile. and look at this sweet father and son snapshot.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

molla space is cool

for some reason i thought i had already posted this. i must be losing my mind.
so anyway, i bought these little water bottles by designer shinzi katoh. molla space has 8 to choose from, all cute.
and i thought this teardrop ipod speaker was cool too. yup, cool.

im no copywriter but i know im in dire need of some new and improved descriptive words.

lovely spectacular unusual marvelous
fabulous cool cute neato
wonderful stunning awesome swell
beautiful well-designed super
striking charming amazing


i love this cute fabric and these utensils! made in japan of course!

montemartre's sketchbook

i stumbled upon this nice blog the other day. mask photo is by uro, asian girls are by michikokusaki, find glaubst du das here, balloons and romantic girl by jon bergman, girl in car by ebastien maziere and, finally, girl in front of pattern by ivor elanor grey

new on fffffffffffffound

don't forget www.ffffound.com

Sunday, February 3, 2008

almost done

last night i nearly finished my quilt. im pretty happy with the outcome. i think i even like the backside better than the front. now i just need to complete the binding. so here are some blurry polaroids (i was inspired by mypolaroidblog), hopefully i will finish sometime next week, then ill post some nice digital shots =^.^=

Saturday, February 2, 2008

rosa loves. designed for good.

there is a story behind every shirt. select your tee and your cause. when the goal is met the shirt is retired. read more on how this great concept works. and while you're at it buy yourself a new tee. rosaloves.com

hand soap

foliage was recently written up in the new york times magazine. i just had to get my hands on some. har.
buy some here.

thom jackson

since im on a photography roll, i wanted to share one of my favorite photographers with you. thom currently lives in dallas, but spent a great deal of his career in nyc. this is one of my favorite series. rich, beautiful shots in south carolina. check him out here or here.

nick prendergast

good stuff. great talent.
btw, nick is the guy in the hat!
he just updated his site • www.nickprendergast.com


i ran across mypolaroidblog today and thought i should definitely share it with you. i had a hard time choosing which lovely photos to post. time to get out my camera...