Monday, December 7, 2009

dwell with dignity

sam reitmayer from style/SWOON contacted beethings a few weeks ago about this great program called dwell with dignity. we were also lucky enough to meet some of the lovely ladies responsible for this great program at the dallas flea this past weekend.
wanna know more? their mission is to improve quality of life by bringing design and creativity into homes that have little or no furniture and whose residents are living day to day. how do they do it? "with a lot of help! our designer and volunteers work with donations provided by our corporate supporters, local design showrooms and retailers along with individual donations from the community. we create, gather, and install the interiors (including furniture and art, of course!) for motivated families that are nominated by local community service providers."
this weekend many groups from group switch, noshii, and beethings (to name a few), will be gathering to install yet another series of artwork.
for more information on how you can help contact lisa robison at or go to the website

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paperfingers said...

hey, we'll be there too! looking forward to seeing what you came up with!