Sunday, November 8, 2009

noshii * paperfingers * pamela michelle

this weekend was our first annual beethings yardsale and i dare say it was a success.
we were lucky enough to have three other talented gals join us. the first, noshii, debuted her new embroidered bamboo brooches and artwork. i wanted one of everything! you can see more of her work on her website or look at it in person at little bean shop in dallas.
christina of paperfingers showcased her whimsical alphabet prints and some cute buttons. her etsy shop is still currently down (she recently moved into a new house:) but you can still check out some of her art on her blog i can't wait to get my C and M print for the boys!
pamela michelle is a talented jewelry designer and illustrator. i looove her one of a kind necklaces and cute prints. and in her spare time she is an etsy dallas leader. dang that's a lot. to find her goodies check out her website

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paperfingers said...

thanks, shay! it was so much fun. oh and my shop is back up, btw!