Sunday, October 26, 2008

im just sayin...

okay so i wanted to do a post of political posters throughout the ages, but my attention was diverted to the current race. *surprise surprise* i was so impressed with all the obama designs i had a hard time picking just a few... and then i started searching for mccain flair. they actually had a poster contest on the official site. can you guess which lovely design won? give it up for 'integrity we can trust'. you can see all the designs here. i say no more.

A progress by Scott Hansen of iso50
B progress by Shepard Fairey
C kids for obama logo
D state logos
E make mine barack by Joshua Wentz
F HOPE by Robert Indiana
G Obama logo by Sender LLC.
H Obama poster by Lance Wyman
I HOPE yard sign
J Obama tote by Marc Jacobs


nosheen said...

isn't it funny how you can tell what kind of people are voting democrat or republican just by the style of design...

bee things said...

i know! and i looked hard too! i was amazed at the difference in 'styles'. hehe.